Balance Pt 1

Or, This Writer Needs Sleep.

For all 3 days of MegaCon this year, we didn’t get to bed on time (and by that I mean “in time to get any decent amount of sleep”). We’re night owls and we’ve been fighting that habit since we met. Many writers would probably be in this mess, too, if they didn’t have day jobs and families to keep them on a schedule.

My plan for each day: Take a quick nap then blissfully edit until my husband returned.

Reality: My naps lasted 3 hours (5 on Sunday) and I edited a total of 0 words. These naps just about made up for the sleep I didn’t get overnight…then promptly threw me off track. I got no sleep Sunday night to Monday. (I’ll likely fall asleep at the same time I took my naps.) That’s not to say I wasn’t tired. I. Just. Couldn’t. Sleep.

I hate that.

This next week promises to be our busiest since the holidays and I’m nowhere near prepared. We have doctors appointments and vet appointments and plans to spend time with a friend we haven’t seen in a while and I have to prepare the place for family to come stay and and and I have surgery next Monday which will leave me too doped up to properly edit…

And without sleep, I have no motivation or energy to do any of it. Sux.

So, what have I been doing?  Setting up the blog, reading articles, Facebooking, Facebooking, Facebooking, checking email, downloading and organizing ebooks…

Some of these are important, but all of them take longer than I think they will. I need a way to quickly do what needs done. I need help. I need…



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