Character Pt 1

Dear Girl Scouts,
Thank you for not taking credit cards, because I, and my waistline, would be in serious trouble.
Sincerely, Me
PS Samoas should be outlawed for their delicious goodness

This evening, an innocent trip to the grocery store almost proved my undoing. We don’t know any Girl Scouts personally, and our neighborhood frowns on soliciting, so we generally don’t have the cookie temptation. (Yes, I know Keebler sells Grasshopper and Coconut Dreams cookies…believe me.) We got caught one year when a mom and her young daughter were selling in front of the store; we bought 7 boxes. To “try” them. To “see if we were sure our favorites were our favorites”.

We’ve been on our guard ever since.

So, it was a good thing that I didn’t have any cash with me. But a stack of bills sat on the desk at home – leftover from my husband’s con trip (boy does that sound funny). My husband even offered to go back and get them for me.

Temptation beyond what I could handle.

Thankfully (with my conscience smarting), I ran into my sister before I could get the cash to my husband. I told her I didn’t feel right so she said, “Don’t do it then.”

What? I could just say “No”? Not on my own, apparently. 🙂

At anyrate, my husband frowned but complied. “Thin Mints. Fresh from the fridge…” Back, thou foul tempter!


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