Apple, book publishers face e-book antitrust lawsuit

I wish I had posted about the huge discussion my husband and I had on Sunday, Feb 26 while on our way to a friend’s birthday party at Kobe Steak House. I was telling him about how frustrated I was that the writing community seemed up in arms over Amazon, thinking they were trying to become a monopoly, blah blah blah (basically, some of the stuff I posted and things I read from Kristen Lamb’s blog and Chuck Wendig over at Terribleminds).

My point was: does no one remember what Apple did? That the reason Macmillan books and buy buttons disappeared from Amazon in 2010 was because of the struggle for the agency model – THAT WAS ORIGINATED BY APPLE? But because Apple isn’t trying to become a publisher like Amazon, no one really cares…except the consumer.

This is the reason that traditionally-published ebooks cost more than $9.99. And the reason I don’t buy them.

And the writing community hated Amazon for this. Um, yeah. I’m not saying Amazon was innocent, I just felt that Apple and Macmillan unfairly escaped any blame over the incident.

Today, the WSJ published an article stating: “Justice Department Threatens Lawsuits, Alleging Collusion Over E-Book Pricing”

Apple, book publishers face e-book antitrust lawsuit | Digital Media – CNET News.

Yet another big trembler as the earth continues to move under the current publishing world.


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