Not Ready Yet

Tonight I caught up with an author friend of mine. Both of us have worked really hard over the last couple of years at honing our craft through different resources. Both of us are currently editing our first I’m-really-going-to-publish-this books.

The difference is that she will likely have hers up for sale within a few weeks while I still have to finish mine and then wait to find out if the editor will publish it. Whenever I hear about self-publishing, a part of me feels like it’s chomping at the bit and ready to crash through the gate. So, why am I continuing on the path I’m taking instead of jumping feet first into self-publishing?


My talent is His gift to me. What I do with it, is my gift to Him. So it stands to reason that I seek His direction for what to do with it. I gave my writing to Him; I gave this story to Him. He sent me to the conference last year, and the direction I heard there was, “Rewrite the beginning and send me the manuscript.” I’ve prayed for His timing (and the conference did a LOT to show that I and my novel were not ready for the big time yet). I am a firm believer in God’s timing and leading for things. After all, He made the universe, and has a plan for my life. He has a much better sense of when things need to happen than I do. And how.

It’s only by His grace that I could hear, “This beginning is boring” and not feel crushed. It’s the biggest lesson I’ve received about speaking the truth in love. So, I will finish my editing, send it where it has been requested, and trust that no matter how much time will have passed, it will be received as it is meant to be received. God will lead the way from there.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Rom 8:28

By the way, I am very happy for my friend and wish her every success! đŸ˜‰


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