Book Covers 4

As I’ve been downloading free Amazon books, more duplicate covers began to catch my eye. I have over 170 more waiting to post!

So, let’s begin with matches to covers I’ve already posted:

Recognize him without the stiletto heel on his chest?


He’s sporting a new tattoo.

King of Darkness

She’s getting popular.

The Steel Violin

And speaking of popular:

Rafe's RedemptionA Real Husband

Enchanted HeartIrish HopeTo Love a Thief

Blood LustLancelot's Lady

Perilous PleasuresThe Irish DevilThe Spellbound Bride

I soon realized that these two are on about half the romance book covers out there. I think the rest are Fabio. 😉

(Images are from Amazon Kindle versions and owners retain all rights.)



I finally found an actor for Trey…and he looks like he fits with the family. Uncanny.


Unintended Witness

Here’s an interesting question: What if you could hear someone else’s prayers about you? (Notice I didn’t say for you.)

Praise God that we can be completely honest with Him about everything (He already knows how we feel and what we’re going through, anyway). In chapter 4, my main female protag witnesses her love interest expressing his anger about her to their Spiritual Leader. Of course, she then reacts in anger. (How often do we think we know exactly what’s going on?) The SL doesn’t take too kindly to her reaction as he had been dealing with the love interest. Even so, the upshot is more hurt between the two.

I can think back on times where I’ve inadvertently hurt someone, too. When my brother started at the private school sponsored by our church, they had him look through the notebooks of one of the best students in his grade level for how to do things. A week or two later, I saw the girl (whom I admired) at a church function and bragged about it to the friend I was with. Of course I was young and talked a little too loudly and the girl heard me say her name–but she didn’t hear the whole conversation. And I wasn’t smart enough to clue her in once I realized it.

I doubt she remembers it, but I still cringe. There’s no way she would have known I was saying good things about her. (I hope she’s forgiven me, and yes, I learned to keep my mouth shut after that.)

Status Quo April

Main Project: Editing first full-length novel

Status: Chap 27 of 33

Current Progress: Finished main character’s moment of truth and am working on the segue into the last training scene.

How it’s progressing: Smoothly, until I realized I’m not entirely certain how to showcase emotional weapons. Which come first? Negative emotions or negative thoughts? Since I’m writing in first person, I have the scary ability to show the thought process.

I’m grateful to be moving forward again, however slowly. Still have to go through a lot of overused/simplified beats and rework them. Almost to the point of needing fresh eyes for the manuscript.