Status Quo April

Main Project: Editing first full-length novel

Status: Chap 27 of 33

Current Progress: Finished main character’s moment of truth and am working on the segue into the last training scene.

How it’s progressing: Smoothly, until I realized I’m not entirely certain how to showcase emotional weapons. Which come first? Negative emotions or negative thoughts? Since I’m writing in first person, I have the scary ability to show the thought process.

I’m grateful to be moving forward again, however slowly. Still have to go through a lot of overused/simplified beats and rework them. Almost to the point of needing fresh eyes for the manuscript.


2 thoughts on “Status Quo April

  1. Iris Timm says:

    I share your dilemma – which comes first, the feeling or the thought? It seems we are often less conscious of the arising point for the emotion and the thoughts are more identifiable as they pass through our heads, yet they arise from something… and of course, the thoughts can instigate new emotions or reinforce whatever they came from. In meditation, I’ve noticed physical associations with various kinds of feelings and even very subtle emotion. I try to use this kind of thing as hints in my writing – but I think that physical clues are different for different people. I feel things in my mid-section a lot… stomach, heart, even throat… others have told me they get sensations on their neck or scalp or in their knees or hands that preclude emotions / thoughts… very interesting territory.

  2. Indeed it is. And the question I also look at is how would you know what emotion is from you vs someone else? That gets even more tricky, trying to unravel the pathways to the truth behind each feeling.

    The physical associations is interesting. I’m assuming you’re meaning that you feel it more deeply than just a “knot in the stomach” with anxiety – that sort of thing?
    Wish we still had the writers’ group. This would make for a very interesting topic of discussion. šŸ™‚

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