Thoughts on Creativity

A friend of mine uploaded a video of her toddler playing one of those little piano toys (the ones with 4 notes). I’m sure she was the baby world equivalent of a concert pianist in her mom’s eye.

One thing I’ve been trying to work out in my own mind is how God views us when we use the creativity He gave us. (You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?) It didn’t matter one whit that she doesn’t know the first thing about music (other than making sounds is fun) or rhythm or anything. She was enjoying herself–entertaining herself and consequently those around her (at least the ones who could focus on the joy she was experiencing and expressing).

Many people would say, “If it’s not fun, why do it?”
For a writer, even editing can be fun. Finding that perfect word that conveys exactly the right mood or image is addicting. But my joy with this comes and goes. Especially now when I’m focusing on all the tiny cracks and the problems in the masterpiece.

Lord, remind me that You just enjoy watching me have fun with the world You gave me. That turning out a manuscript as awesome as The Avengers isn’t the point. =)


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