Status Quo May

A friend flew in from out of state last night, and we talked into the late hours of the morning…like we did 8 months ago. If someone had told me then that I’d still be editing this story now, I’d have cried.

At the time, I was working on Chap 24 and editing the to-be verbs out of Chaps 1-23 (specifically Chap 17 that day). Now, I’m working on Chap 27 and editing Chap 9…again. The idea being that this is the final polish before sending it for a grammar/punctuation edit. I haven’t even asked the prof editor yet if she’ll take the job. (The first part of the project will be Chaps 1-13, and I’m waiting to have it ready to go before I ask.)

In all fairness, I have reread and smoothed chaps 1-26 numerous times, while working on eliminating unnecessary words. I just really thought I’d be done or a lot further along by now.

I have to wonder if I really am giving it my all. It sure feels like it. I think about this story almost 24/7 whether I’m working on it or not (like at this particular moment). I feel burned out, too. Chap 27 is stalled, partly due to the negative self-feedback loop in my head on how I’m handing the scene.

I don’t really know how other authors do it without getting so discouraged that they quit. I have to keep reminding myself to let go and trust. It certainly helped when my husband stepped back in and really began to edit again with me. I feel lost when I’m on my own.

My next (and hopefully final) surgery is scheduled for June 14 (pending a follow up visit from the last surgery that has yet to be scheduled).

Word Count for Chaps 1-26: 118,700


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