My husband loves the fact that I sometimes dream in full story-mode. Though I do have plenty of random wtf dreams (and I’m sure nothing will top this one), I sometimes have ones like last night…

A little background: I doubt I have ever watched a full episode of Star Trek Voyager.

Capt Janeway and her crew were part of intense negotiations with representatives of an alien civilization (who looked remarkably human). They wanted to destroy another civilization and the Federation was against it. Talks broke down, so the Capt decided to visit the intended victims (a peaceful race who did not believe their neighbors meant them harm—and who also looked remarkably human) to persuade them that 1) they were going to be attacked and 2) they were not going to survive.

They, of course, denied anything was wrong and insisted nothing bad would happen. Things escalated and the attack began. (Something along the lines of a star-destroying nuclear type of blast.) Janeway and crew beamed back aboard Voyager and tried to close the portal that connected them with the victim civilization—something necessary to ensure the ship wasn’t caught in the destruction.


Of course, they couldn’t. Turns out that during the talks, the victims had begun attaching their entire race to the crew (represented by tiny red laser dots) so when they beamed back, the people would go with…only they hadn’t finished and the portal couldn’t close because of it.

I woke with the ship still stuck in the breach.

How in the world can I dream a perfectly logical ST episode? With a bit of tweaking (okay, a lot of tweaking) and an ending…


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