Status Quo June

Ouch. I’ve made no forward motion on Chapter 27 since April. And every time I learn something new, we have to start over and make sure I did/didn’t do that.

For instance, I came across this great post on The Editor’s Blog. She advocates keeping readers close to the action and emotion of the story by not using filter words like saw, felt, heard, etc. Now I understand what Mysti meant in her blog post and why these words were on her list. (I don’t know, the editor’s post just made it click for me in a more complete way.)

So, back to chapter 1. Again.
I knew of at least one instance in Chapter 2, but we found several more. We also made more smoothing/detail changes while at it.

We finished reading Self Editing for Fiction Writers and I’d gotten as far as Chapter 9, looking for things to smooth or change. Then Kaye Dacus posted the topic of the MTCW meeting for June: A Copy Editor’s Top Ten Pet Peeves
Since Tennessee is a bit (*cough, cough*) of a drive, I asked for a copy of the notes and she graciously sent them. I’d gotten to Chapter 4 with her list before I found the post on word filters.

Now, I’m up to Chapter 6. Again. Hopefully for the last time. My husband still has to read through all the changes. If he doesn’t see anything else that needs fixing, we’ll lock them down. Seriously. I mean it. No more looking at them. I don’t care what I might learn next…

In August, Mark Mynheir is supposed to give a 1-day workshop for a (semi/sorta/not really) local critique group. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot. I’m sure I’ll have to answer, “Is it published?” (The last time I saw him, I’d hit my first real slow-down, rewriting Chapter 13. If only I’d known…)

My progress? One comma, one word, one chapter at a time…still moving.


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