Read a great post by author Cliff Graham about guilt, and it reminded me of a bone I have to pick with the Christian community.

The guilt I’m talking about is the kind that Christians perpetuate on the world with every inspirational email or post. It’s the stupid last few lines that destroy any inspiration or good feelings I had from reading what they’d attached it to: “You can delete this and let the devil win, or you can forward it and show your support for God.”

Erm, no.

It’s the Christian version of the chain letter curse. And it sickens me.

Are we really so shallow that we believe this lie? Does the devil win if we decide not to participate in religious spam? Am I a worse Christian because I don’t immediately share every religious post I read?

I don’t think so.

Years ago, I had the *brilliant* idea to write Scripture on cards and anonymously place them in the lockers of my classmates. Imagine how awesome it would be if the verse I gave them was exactly what they needed to hear that day!

More likely, it just became another piece of paper for them to toss. That’s not to say that God doesn’t sometimes use things like that, but if you reread the previous paragraph, you’ll see that my idea originated from a heart of pride…not service to God.

It’s the same with that dumb guilt trip. We’re so scared people won’t pass along good, spiritual things on their own. They must be compelled! They must be reminded that they are more likely to spread dirty jokes than God’s Word!!!!!! They should fix that!!!!! And they must do it NOW!!!!

Let the message speak for itself. God has made sure that His Word survives and thrives, no matter plans to the contrary. Spread love and leave off the guilt.

He did.


One thought on “Guilt

  1. Mysti Parker says:

    I’m so glad you posted this today. I’ve been really sensitive to Christian judgment and the constant guilt associated with it over the last couple of years.I’m pretty sure we as Christians have misused God’s word too often by making others feel bad instead of being encouraging and setting good examples. I’ve actually got a guest post coming up next week about opinion vs. judgment. And you can guess who I deemed the worst offenders.

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