Movie Review Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The trailers made me want to see this movie. I knew nothing of the story or even what to expect—whether it leaned more toward action or horror—I just knew it looked like a “fun” experience.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

We chose to go to a midnight because the type of audience can often make or break these movies. We banked on it making it for this experience, like Snakes on a Plane: a theater full of people who just want to have fun.
Turns out it was a good thing—but not entirely for the reasons we’d expected. As of Thursday afternoon, almost no tickets had been sold for the 3D show. This allowed the theater employees to get passes (if a movie is almost sold out, they have to pay for them). Since my sister is the awesome Regal Employee she is, we were able to get back the $ we’d forked over Wed night to buy our tickets. Yay! So, while the theater was mostly empty, we didn’t have to deal with any negativity.

As far as the movie: In my mind, I don’t see this as THE Abraham Lincoln. I do believe, though, that they kept true to his character with (understandable) creative license. I did not have a problem with the way he was portrayed in this movie. Do I think he would like it?
Erm, no.

And that’s where my opinion is divided, too. On one hand, this movie worked for me. There’s so much action and cool special effects. I loved the way the vampires’ eyes glowed like cat eyes (a 3D only effect, I’ve heard) and the highlighting of the dust motes. It never got in the way for me and added an interesting texture you don’t normally see in movies. I also didn’t mind the slow motion during the action scenes—likely because it was a draw in the trailer for me. One person complained, “There was a bass drop every five seconds.” But that worked for me, too. It just fit with what I expected/wanted to experience.

The story worked for me. I loved the way they showed historical events with new motivations. I have no problem suspending my disbelief if it isn’t abused. And I don’t ask for much. Don’t have characters know things they shouldn’t or act completely out of character without good reason…etc. There were small hints dropped about one character that led to the belief that he could do what he did…but also allowed you to buy it when his motivation was revealed. That makes me a happy viewer.

I only saw one scene that threw me out: a wound that had healed, reappeared. I chalked it up to a choppy timeline. Since the rest of it was so well done, it really didn’t bother me.

What did bother me had much more to do with personal tastes than something the movie did wrong. It’s violent and scary…for me. These aren’t your sister’s vampires. 🙂 They are as scary as you’d expect monsters to be. A lot less psychological and a lot more blood and gore. The first fight scene established this, and once I knew what to expect, I just went with it.

Bottom line: I had a great night out with my husband while we ate nachos and kicked Vampire butt.
That said, I wouldn’t buy it or go watch it again. And I wouldn’t recommend it to some of my…delicate friends. 😉


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