Chapter 27

Sometimes, I get stuck until I finally realize the story was never intended to go that way in the first place.

Last night, it occurred to me that I needed to cut the scene I’d been trying to write. Rather than the full training I’d intended (at the risk of detracting from the final battle), I needed to pull the trope/cliche of sending my character into battle before she’s completely ready.

This shortens the timeline (Seriously, how patient is the enemy supposed to be?), makes the previous revelation I’d had even more logical (Another character needs to sit out part of the war), and allows me to move the training sequence into the battle. In other words, she’ll have a worse time of it. 😉

But it also adds a few new wrinkles: things need to happen faster and at a different time of day. Arg. It’ll work out, though. I know it. I love these realizations.

And it’s a bit frustrating to be back in the heavy-duty end of editing. This chapter is rougher than I remember. Makes me appreciate Tosca Lee more:

Every single time I sit down to the blank page to write, I wonder if I’ve forgotten how to do it. Apr 19

My favorite line I wrote today:

Tiny puffs of mist surrounded my shoes with each step. I couldn’t decide whether to enjoy the effect or rise a few inches and leave the dewy grass undisturbed.

dewy grass

owner retains rights


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