Bloom How You’re Planted

My husband loves to surprise me with flowers for that most special of occasions: “just cause”.

Roses from my wonderful husband.

As I prepared and vased¹ my latest bouquet, my thoughts connected something we’ve been reading about in 1 Corinthians.
Paul writes that we’ve all been given different gifts, that we’re each unique parts making up the Body of Christ.

My flowers demonstrate this.

Roses are my favorite flower. I love their deep, red color; the velvety petals; and the delicate fragrance. But to really set them off, florists use different kinds of greenery and white baby’s breath. The whole picture is more striking than a group of roses alone.

Similarly, God has placed each of us where and how He wants us. Our Expert Gardener gives the same love and care to His stunning baby’s breath as He does His stunning roses.

So, I will do my part. It doesn’t matter whether I’m a rose, baby’s breath or greenery; my gift is meant make the whole picture of His creation more complete.

¹If the military can verbalize nouns, so can I. “Filed” means “to place in a file”, so “vased” has precedent. 😉 )


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