My husband doesn’t just tell me he loves me. His actions match his words, making both very powerful.

Yesterday, as I read chapter 19 to my sister, I could hear all the problem areas and see just how much work I still have to do. After a hectic, frustration-filled morning, it was more than I could handle. I felt that my story couldn’t even keep my interest, let alone anyone else’s. In short, I had a bad night. Very bad.

This morning, before we even got dressed, my husband made me sit and listen while he read through Chapters 1-5. They’re good. In fact, they’re great. So is this story.

We talked; we reconnected. Two very short sentences for what actually takes place between us. My marriage is a miracle, so is my husband.

I’m finishing this because I want to. It’s all I know to do right now, all I’ve been told to do—and that’s freeing. I don’t have all the answers, but I trust the One who does.

An unbroken circle of love and trust given by a third presence—not visible, but clearly felt.


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