Hybrid Solar Lighting

While researching fiber optics for my novel, I came across this article for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Letting The Sunshine In Apparently, they are working on integrating natural light using fiber optics that stream sunshine into buildings alongside electric lights that compensate for cloudy days. Sunlight Direct was founded as a result of that research.

It sounds awesome. And I know it works because we have something similar in our own home.

The former owners put solar tubes in our living room, kitchen and guest bath. The ones in the kitchen also contain regular light bulbs. It’s a really neat addition that enhances the open feeling in our home with better lighting than straight skylights. It can also have a freaky effect during thunderstorms when they capture bright lightning. 🙂

Living room    Guest bath


Kitchen during the day. No lights on.

Roof and Kitchen at night

At night with the lights on. Also shows the tops of the tubes on the roof. They’re clear during the day.


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