Movie Experience: The Dark Knight Rises

Obligatory IMDB blurb: Eight years on, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham’s finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.

I was not looking forward to this movie (*gasp, shock, awe*).  Batman has never been my go-to hero (my sister is currently wondering where she went wrong) and the Nolan series, though true to character, has been reeeeallly dark (pencil trick, ’nuff said). Then early reviews came in with less-than-stellar marks. My husband’s hopes sank even further than mine. 2 hours before the O-dark-thirty premiere, he wanted to hawk our tickets on Ebay.

However, said sister (who’d been in line since 11:30AM – a full 5½ hours before anyone else) was waiting on us, and we didn’t want to break her heart. Therefore, my expectations were low. And that, my friends, is when they dropped below zero.

A minute or so into the movie, the camera follows a vehicle holding some gun-toting characters (guarding 3 prisoners) to where they meet Mr. Clean-Cut-CIA and his plane. Once in the air, he blithely informs the 3 that his flight plan allows for only 1 of them and opens the door—
Everything went black

…except for the emergency lights. Could not have timed it better. Maybe it was a sign.

We sat there for the next 45 mins while the poor managers tried to keep 20 theaters full of people from rioting (17 of those were showing Rises). Tempers got a bit warm as did the air without A/C. I was never more grateful for the IMAX theater having single companion seats. I had my husband beside me and a whole aisle as my bubble of cool.

Finally, the power came back on. Then we had to wait for the system to reboot (IMAX would take the longest…) Fortunately, the movie started right away (though we wouldn’t have minded seeing Man of Steel and the exclusive Skyfall trailers again. 🙂 )

***Spoilers ahead***

Oh. My. Gosh.

This was a fantastic movie. A very fitting end to the trilogy and so full of win. I don’t know if just having no expectations made it awesome (even stale food is a feast when you’re famished), but I think the critics need to stop being whiny fanboys. (no offense to nonwhiny fanboys 😉 )

Let’s start with the things I didn’t like: Selina’s hair. Long hair left loose like that is a DNA nightmare for a jewel thief. She would have known that no matter how early in her career she’s meant to be portrayed. It didn’t add to her sexiness, either.

The douche bag who blew the bridge. I know, I know, you’re supposed to hate him even though he was just doing his job, so this was actually something I “liked” in that respect. But man, I wanted to…be unladylike.

Some people have pointed out the cliches in this film, and even I know there were a couple tiny plot holes. They just don’t bear being that nit picky in my opinion.

So, on to the win moments:

The Batcycle. How do you top that sweet move in the Dark Knight? Like this.
The Batplane was great, too.

“So that’s what that feels like.”

“Your wife said you’d be taking a taxi home.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Just yes. Cillian Murphy. :firm nod:

The chant. I always liked it from the trailer; knowing the significance makes me love it.

On a side note—For those thinking Alfred would never have left Bruce (despite the storyline of the comic this came from…) I posit the following argument: Alfred has just admitted to his master that he lied. Good intentions aside, that cuts at the heart of his honor. And Alfred is very honorable. His logical conclusion, especially since Bruce didn’t argue, was for him to leave.
(Mr. Bates, Downton Abbey fans?)

All in all, I ended up really liking this movie. I highly recommend seeing it in the theaters, the final act just makes everything worth it.


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