Status Quo July

To say it’s been a crazy month would be to put too fine a point on it. I worked on Chap 27 a lot and edited more of the rest a bit. Chaps 1-5 were squared away in the latter half of June, but languished due to lack of interest.

Looking ahead: Aug 4th, I’ll attend a writing workshop with author Mark Mynheir, and I’ll go to the author panels at Star Wars Celebration VI.

This past week took the cake, though. I signed up for an agent bootcamp presented by Writer’s Digest. Knowing that my first 10 pages would be critiqued, I sent the first 12 to friends, begging for feedback.

Be careful what you ask for.

After a gut-wrenching 3 day meltdown couple of attempts to completely rewrite what was obviously a flawed beginning, I attended the webinar yesterday on very little sleep.

I painted my nails during the presentation.

Then I proceeded to scare my husband with the bold statement that I needed to start the story where we’d been trying NOT to all along. My next order of business was a nap. After that, I put on headphones and said goodbye to reality.

I sent my 2500 words to the agent around 5AM this morning.

Regardless of what happens, right now I feel the first sense of accomplishment on this story that I’ve had in a very long time. And that, my friends, is good. 🙂


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