I signed up for the agent bootcamp out of desperation. I attended it because I didn’t want to lose the money I’d paid. After some of the tougher critiques I’d received early in the week, I was more than ready to quit. It’s hard to stay positive and motivated when you’re crawling on your belly through the mud with no end in sight.

I told my husband the feedback could honestly make or break me as an author.

We were assigned agents—of the 4, only 1 was interested in the genre of my story. I was not assigned to her.
We were told to send nothing aside from our first 2500 words. The premise of the novel should be evident that early on.

Not unusual as I know many agents and editors skip the query and go directly to the sample pages.

After the webinar, I rewrote my beginning, losing what I thought had been a good first line. There was no time to do more than the MS Word spelling/grammar check. No one was around to offer a second opinion. It had to go as is.

When I got the email back, my husband and I prayed—he said he’d never felt my hands shake that much.

My husband wants a poster of this over my desk, and told me I’m never again allowed to utter the words, “I’m not a good writer.”

After a small revision (ha, that is such an understatement for what went into it!) to the ending of the first scene—making it stronger—she had this to say:

“It’s a good story–and one that I think will find an audience…onward!”

I have my orders. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. Mysti Parker says:

    That’s fantastic and such a motivator! Keep going, Jennifer!

  2. Isn’t it? Made my week for sure. So awesome to receive confirmation that I really am doing what God wants.
    Looking forward to your 20K hit event, too. 🙂

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