How Hotmail Kept Me From Spamming Myself

I recently signed up for a Hotmail account because of Skydrive (someone sent novel feedback that way and it piqued my interest).

While at Celebration VI, I used my Echo Smartpen to record Dave Filoni’s panels. At a panel for Troy Denning, I overheard two women talking about their frustration at missing DF’s panel and offered to share my pencast.

Since the panel was over an hour, the file ended up being ~27M, which is higher than Hotmail’s attachment limit. (I should have just zipped it, but technoawesome I am not.)

Naturally, I tried sending it to one of my other accounts first (best way to make sure something new works). It said the file was too big (duh) and gave me the option to put the file in Skydrive then email a link. So I did.

Newsflash: This flags your account for suspicious activity. 😮

It suggested I edit the email and try again. So I did…and it promptly deactivated my account.

Thus endeth my brief jaunt into the world of Hotmail. I’m taking my toys and going home. 😦


Marble Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Back in 2003, I bought a marble table from a friend. I’ve used it as my desk ever since. Last week, I packed up my laptop to take to Celebration and found this:

Good thing there are bars underneath or that could have ended differently—of course, then I’d have discovered it sooner, and it would’ve been an interesting story to tell my grandkids (I’m sure I have them in some alternate universe).

I mean really. How does one not know one’s desk has such a huge crack in it?

You know what this means, don’t you? Aslan was here. :firm nod:

Today when we got back, I pulled out a shelf I’d had sitting in the garage. My husband and I can’t agree on where it came from, but I’m glad it’s still there. (No need to call “Hoarders and The Men Who Love Them” just yet…)

So now I have a temporary solution until we have time to shop for a new desk.

(And you can see my little fur baby up on her perch.) Not bad, really; it gives me more height in front for all my story notes. 🙂

Book Covers 32

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some duplicate covers, so it’s time to post some repeats.

Matching Covers in Fraternal Twins and Book Covers 4:

Repo Chick Blues

We’ve seen this bloodthirsty pic quite a few times. May 29, June 25, July 18

Blood Like Poison

Though I only posted this image in one other entry, it graced 5 ebooks.

Tropical Cougar

And new this week:

The Look of Love     Grip This

(Images are from Amazon and owners retain all rights.)

When Dentistry is Like Gardening

At the end of last month, we discovered that one of my implants…didn’t.

After seeing this, I can understand why the surgery placing them knocked me on my butt far more than I thought it would.

Today, I met with the surgeon to plot our next course of action. It didn’t take long. Within 5 minutes of arriving, I was in the chair, getting numbed. (And may I just say the assistant was impressed that I didn’t even flinch during the shots. 🙂 )

Fortunately, that was the only one that didn’t take. The surgeon packed the area with more bone graft material (Gem 21), and after about 3 months, he’ll place the implant again. Then I’ll see the dentist to continue measuring for the final abutments and caps.

Through this process, I’ve been continually amazed at how our bodies are designed. In order to get my bone to accept and graft with the synthetic bone, he had to drill tiny holes into it. If he didn’t, the two would remain separate and nothing would happen.

This is a lot like preparing soil for planting. Imagine if you just laid a seed on top of a rock. The rock would not magically allow the seed inside, and the seed would die without the nutrients it needs from soil. But well-prepared ground will accept and nurture a seed while it sends down anchoring roots, enabling it to grow strong. The crowning touches are the beautiful blooms produced.

So it is with this level of cosmetic dentistry. Once the implants are fully anchored, the blooms will be the crowns that everyone can see. A lasting smile that is both beautiful and functional.

This is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

My husband bought me an ipod nano for our anniversary last year.

Here’s what it looks like after its fall from grace tonight:

ipod nano no more

It’s not the first expensive gift from him I’ve managed to mangle.

The camera he got me our first year together:

Makes me think of the Elephant’s Child.

And the mp3 player from a few Christmases ago:

While that still looks intact, if the case isn’t squeezed together just right around the power button, the sound cuts out. Made for crappy workouts—I’d just get up to speed then wham no music. 😦

With my history, one begins to wonder why he still tries. I’m just glad he’s so forgiving of my clumsiness. (The laptop’s fine, honey, why do you ask?)

Are you dating a real man?

Shine recently posted an article titled 5 Signs You are Dating a Real Man.  Apparently, if your man doesn’t “get annoyed”…
Let’s just stop right there, shall we? Have you ever met a man who NEVER gets annoyed?

But seriously, this article is actually very useful. Why? Because if you ever meet a nonreal (aka fictional) man, you need to throw him away. You just do. (Begone!) They aren’t worth your time and your relationship will never be fulfilling. :firm nod:  And I, wonderful person that I am, am here to help you spot the signs of those fictional men.

Stays sweet.  All. The. Time.  Whether you interrupt him, call him names, or step on his insole, he will always smile and tell you how wonderful you are. He might use words like “golly gee whillikers” and drink milk during Happy Hour. In fact, he might not understand the concept of limiting your happiness to one hour. Fly away. Far, far away.

Can read your mind (or at least, your feelings). On the surface, this may not seem like a bad thing, but trust me, it is. He will search your feelings until you beg for mercy (and you will always be at his mercy). He can argue circles around you, and you’ll wonder why you never win. He’ll know where you are even before you do. Run, unless you want your relationship to choke.

Can’t Change. Whether you’re fashion forward or not, if your man always looks the same, people will notice. Sure, some call it a “brand” others call it “laundry day”, you should call it quits. He’s usually a bit of a one-note, too—life of the party, target of international criminals, always a hero… There’s more to life than whips and gadgets.

Doesn’t Fight Back. Life throws lemons. This guy won’t even bother to duck. When the crap hits the fan, you can be sure he’s in the line of fire. There’s a reason his favorite color is yellow. But you can only watch a man fall so many times—especially when he does it to himself.

Hardly Works. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. But if he doesn’t make an honest living, he’s up to no good. Sure, sure, he has all these ideas or “causes”, but who knows what he really does with his time. Unless you’re into group dating, this one will miss the mark (no matter what kind of accent he has).

But…if you come across this man, marry him. Marry him immediately. He’s a god.


(Image owners retain all rights. Photos link to the sites where I found them.)

Getting Ready for Celebration

Look what came in the mail!

In about 1½ weeks, my husband, sister and I will be immersed in a galaxy far, far away. I can’t wait! We went to Celebration V in 2010 and had a blast. We met Mark Hamill, saw tons of great costumes:

(Tie fighters…*groan*)

and sat in on great panels. I went to 3 sessions on writing—yes, even my geekdom is nerdy. I’m still working my way through this year’s panel schedule. (use the quick lists for best results)

Prior to C V, I was a fringe Star Wars fan. I liked movies 4-6, tolerated 1-3, didn’t really care about Clone Wars and viewed George as a money-hungry elitist. But being around other people who love it made me realize how much of a genius he really is. How cool is it to have created an entire universe that everyone can play in? He’s like Walt Disney for grown ups.

The true fans are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Everyone was friendly, accommodating to everyone else—one guy even took my husband up to the VIP section in the Dave Filoni panel—and just out to have a good time. We got like 30 secs with Mark Hamill for pics, but he makes you feel like the most important person in the world in that time. 🙂

We have lots of great memories from those 4 days and I can’t wait to step out of reality again.

Best costume still has to go to this guy: