When an implant doesn’t

Not many people know of my dental history. (Which is a good thing.) Indeed, few people aside from hockey players have such history. 😉

It began with a bike and a really bad faceplant. And yesterday, it should have continued with the measurements for the final caps. Instead, the first implant the dentist uncovered came out.


It basically means the implant didn’t integrate with the bone, and that sets things back almost to square one.

It even has a cool word: osseointegration. Say it with me—osseo osseo oss e oooooo integration

Guess I’ve now joined the 5% failure rate. Bummer. (*insert favorite adage about failing helping you grow here*)

The bright light is that it didn’t happen after the crown had been placed. And I still have a really beautiful smile…


One thought on “When an implant doesn’t

  1. […] the end of last month, we discovered that one of my implants…didn’t. After seeing this, I can understand why the surgery placing them knocked me on my butt far more […]

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