When Dentistry is Like Gardening

At the end of last month, we discovered that one of my implants…didn’t.

After seeing this, I can understand why the surgery placing them knocked me on my butt far more than I thought it would.

Today, I met with the surgeon to plot our next course of action. It didn’t take long. Within 5 minutes of arriving, I was in the chair, getting numbed. (And may I just say the assistant was impressed that I didn’t even flinch during the shots. 🙂 )

Fortunately, that was the only one that didn’t take. The surgeon packed the area with more bone graft material (Gem 21), and after about 3 months, he’ll place the implant again. Then I’ll see the dentist to continue measuring for the final abutments and caps.

Through this process, I’ve been continually amazed at how our bodies are designed. In order to get my bone to accept and graft with the synthetic bone, he had to drill tiny holes into it. If he didn’t, the two would remain separate and nothing would happen.

This is a lot like preparing soil for planting. Imagine if you just laid a seed on top of a rock. The rock would not magically allow the seed inside, and the seed would die without the nutrients it needs from soil. But well-prepared ground will accept and nurture a seed while it sends down anchoring roots, enabling it to grow strong. The crowning touches are the beautiful blooms produced.

So it is with this level of cosmetic dentistry. Once the implants are fully anchored, the blooms will be the crowns that everyone can see. A lasting smile that is both beautiful and functional.


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