How Hotmail Kept Me From Spamming Myself

I recently signed up for a Hotmail account because of Skydrive (someone sent novel feedback that way and it piqued my interest).

While at Celebration VI, I used my Echo Smartpen to record Dave Filoni’s panels. At a panel for Troy Denning, I overheard two women talking about their frustration at missing DF’s panel and offered to share my pencast.

Since the panel was over an hour, the file ended up being ~27M, which is higher than Hotmail’s attachment limit. (I should have just zipped it, but technoawesome I am not.)

Naturally, I tried sending it to one of my other accounts first (best way to make sure something new works). It said the file was too big (duh) and gave me the option to put the file in Skydrive then email a link. So I did.

Newsflash: This flags your account for suspicious activity. 😮

It suggested I edit the email and try again. So I did…and it promptly deactivated my account.

Thus endeth my brief jaunt into the world of Hotmail. I’m taking my toys and going home. 😦


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