The Business of Busyness

I had a very easy, laid-back sort of August.

After completely rewriting my first chapter in a weekend for the boot camp, I took a lil trip to the emergency room, followed by a two hour road trip two days (I’m sensing the rule of two here) later to attend an author workshop. (Mark Mynheir is awesome, btw) From there we headed another hour south to visit family and get an ID card renewed so we could vote in the primaries…which we forgot to do. Oops.

I campaigned anyway.

Two days after we got back, I went to the doctor for a follow up and general check up. With a clean bill of health, only the bills remained. (Holy shemonkeys, Batman!)

The following week, I wanted to do nothing so I worked on my novel. (and dyed my hair)

Then I had dental surgery on Monday. Wednesday, we had to take the cat to the vet hours before we left for Celebration. (I got a diploma there.)

Two days after getting back from that, we headed three hours south again to meet with a man about some numbers. The meeting went well and after dinner we drove home again (If you’re keeping track, that’s six hours in two days). The following day, we completed the first step in a huge financial move.

And such was August.

The following week, I dealt with the fallout from said move, collecting radioactive numbers and filing them in explosive little rows and columns. Today, we met with another man about more numbers…and sent a wire transfer…

Which I will celebrate when we’ve confirmed it’s all done (all but the stuff due April 15—Holy french fries, Batman!)

And now I’m enjoying a nice, quiet September: sorting paperwork, switching the cat to two different types of food, filing, scanning, giving the cat daily pills, figuring, reporting, reporting again, shredding, watching Avengers (woot!), watching Indie (Imax, bby), watching Nemo (Holy 3D, Batman!), going back for surgery follow up and paying off those friggen hospital bills.*

*I’m sorry, was I supposed to be writing somewhere in there?

Dis needz editz, hoomin.


2 thoughts on “The Business of Busyness

  1. Kea says:

    Jen, your photo caption sent coffee through my nostrils. Oh how I know the medical bills game. Various foot/knee surgeries for hubbie and two emergency room visits for the boy in four months, plus speech therapy for the girl has my head spinning. I hope you get to edit soon! – Kim

  2. Yay for the coffee splosion. We aim to please here. =)
    And gosh that’s a lot of medical stuff to keep up with. I feel for you. I think I’ve finally gotten the last bill… Have to wait on the ER Docs bill to be reviewed because they charged me for 2 EKGs. *sigh*
    As for editing, I do, too. Writing always was an escape until this edit. I can’t wait to get back into it, though.
    (Good luck on yours, too, btw.)

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