I Like the Taste of Taste

The thing about “okay” food is that you don’t know it’s just okay until you eat something amazing.

Such is the story of our sushi journey.

Originally, we found a great little hole-in-the-wall near our house and went often enough to get on the owner’s radar. When the market started going to pot, he wanted to add on to his place with a different style of food. (sushi and…burgers?) Can’t imagine why it didn’t work out.

Then we found a new place with great happy hour prices and a selection of Thai food—even better since we could have my sister come with. (She hates seafood. I’m still wondering where I went wrong.) And that’s been our go-to place for a couple years.

Until tonight.

Sushi. It’s what’s for dinner.

We took a friend’s recommendation and tried a local sushi and steakhouse restaurant. The decor was good (I’m always down with neon) and the music sounded great (well, they lured us in first before putting on the funky jazz channel). But the food…

A parade of taste. There’s no other way to put it.

The first act of the super crunch roll was sweet honey, (say what?) then the cream cheese hit and I was like, Oh. It finished with a slight spicy hint that had me reaching for the next piece.

Apparently my reactions to the different flavors were hilarious to watch. 🙂 Every time I thought I had it figured out, I’d taste something new. I told my husband he’d hate it at first, but to let it play out. (Honey is not something you think of with sushi, but it worked, and the flavor profile was a joy to experience.) It was our favorite roll of the night…and that’s saying something.

Fun fact: 7 years ago this month I tried my first piece of sushi—a spicy tuna roll in the cafeteria at MIT.


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