Authors’ Warning to Those Who Self-Publish

Anya Bast is a NYT bestselling author of erotic and paranormal romances. While searching through book covers on Amazon, I came across this blog post and decided to share it since I have many friends published on the Kindle.

Amazon has bots searching the web to ensure it isn’t publishing plagiarized books. It found a copy of one of her novellas online and demanded proof that she wasn’t the pirate. Since she was out of town at the time, she missed the window of opportunity and her KDP account was terminated.

Fortunately, she was able to get the situation resolved, but not without a lot of hassle on her part.

Author Mysti Parker suggests setting up Google Alerts so you’ll know when your book title is mentioned online. Because of this, she discovered a site that facilitates illegal ebook sharing and had this to say about it:

Book sharing sites like Perusing the Shelves  may not be selling pirated copies, but by allowing others to share unlimited e-copies of any author’s work, without the express consent of said author, are perpetrating the illegal trade of copyrighted work. I’m sure there are authors there who regularly interact with the members there, but I am not one of those, and to see a request for my book pop up there is surprising and annoying, considering how easy it is to contact me online.”

Seems to me that simply writing a book and marketing it is hassle enough without having to worry about pirates…


2 thoughts on “Authors’ Warning to Those Who Self-Publish

  1. That’s insane! You’d think that if they were going to terminate your Amazon account, they’d do a little more than just send out one measly email.

  2. I fully agree–especially considering that once your account is terminated you’re banned from publishing on the Kindle for life.
    I’m curious to know what they consider proof of authorship, too.

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