Book Covers 35

Beg for Mercy Everlasting Embrace How to Build the Perfect Rake

Pulled  The Preacher's Son Unbound

Reluctant Alpha  Surfacing

Accidentally married to a vampire Bait Blood Desires

(Images are from Amazon and owners retain all rights.)


2 thoughts on “Book Covers 35

  1. Ha, that’s really funny. I’m assuming that sort of thing happens a lot with stock photography? Makes me kind of nervous, because I’ll be using stock photography for my cover. Ah well.

  2. After the first “twins” I noticed, it became a real life concentration game. Click on Book Covers under Categories to see the other posts. It’s funny that even most trad-pubbed books have stock cover images on the cover, but they’re either modified or high-end/obscure enough that you don’t find duplicates. Makes me nervous about what my own covers might look like, too. Sort of like wearing the same dress to a party, right? 😉

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