Rollin’ Rollin’

I’m back on Chapter 4 of my novel now, after refixing Chapter 2 to smooth what I’d changed in Chapter 1 during the bootcamp. I smoothed and reworked a bit of Chapter 3, too. Just have to read it all when we’re not so tired, and it’ll be signed off.

But now, the Epcot Food & Wine Festival begins, family is coming to town this weekend, and all the tv shows we watch come back from hiatus. We’ll see how good I get at staying on task while keeping up with Person of Interest, Castle, Amazing Race and Top Chef (when that starts).

In the meantime, enjoy a new paragraph I added to Chapter 1:

     Technically, I wore a costume, too. Like a spy’s tuxedo, my generic blue shorts and shirt concealed the fact that I could leaf through filing cabinets with the flick of a wrist, answer the phone while dealing with a hangnail, and pour coffee to placate the meanest boss. All with a perky smile. After a full day as a mild-mannered office drone, I spent my nights and weekends dispensing justice in the form of counseling treatment plans to addicted delinquents. Fear my super powers, slackers.

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