She Shall Have Music Wherever She Goes

Back in August, I dropped my ipod nano and shattered the screen.


ipod nano no more

Since it still worked (though I had to take care when swiping…) I just continued to use it.

Then I found the receipt.

Turns out my husband had bought an extended warranty with those awesome initials: ADH (Accidental Damage Handling). So we called up Big Box Store (BBS) to confirm whether they’d exchange it or try to send it off for fixing.

Good news: exchange no problem

Bad news: none in stock…

Awesome news: …because new ipods had been announced. (Yes, way—you know where this is going)

Since Apple does that wonderful thing where subsequent generations come out at the same prices as the one before, it meant a new gen 7 ipod would cost as much as my 6. And I had enough time left on the warranty to wait for them to get shipped.

Fast forward another month and they finally come off preorder on BBS webbysite…except the color I reaaalllly wanted. Slate. Girl’s gotta have standards, right?

Of course BBS has no clue when/if they’ll come out and offered to hold a silver for me. At this point I wondered if I was being too picky. One is better than none. We called the Apple Store to see if they had them in stock, but with their warranty, I’d have to exchange gen 6 for gen 6.

So, I wait.

Then, Wed morning I checked again and loh and behold a semi-local branch of BBS showed “available for pick up”. We called. No dice. “Sorry, sold out.”

But webbysite said… She checked the SKU# “Yup. We’ve got them. Would you like me to hold one?”


So, I’m now the proud owner of a slate gen 7 ipod nano.

Awww, ain’t it purrty?

I love God’s sense of timing. Had I found that receipt or gone hunting for the warranty info earlier, I’d have missed out. And husband is justified for buying it in the first place. Life is good. 🙂


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