Realm Makers and Novel Writers Beach Retreat Part 3

The Inbetween:

My sister met us at home and helped unpack, start laundry, and begin preparations for St. Louis. In the middle of it, we had to leave for dinner with my husband’s family.

We’d eaten at that restaurant in their hotel when they visited back in 2005, but we’d stayed in the section at the same level as the entrance. This time, we wanted a quiet table in the back corner.

They had a little lift to go down the two steps, but it was on a banister type-thing that turned as it lowered. It looked rickety at best, and my husband’s chair didn’t quite fit. Plus, it had some problems trying to move. It took a good ten to twenty minutes to get him down—probably would have been easier for all of us to lift his chair down ourselves. 🙂
At least dinner was good…until I found a hair in my food. They made another for me to take with and comp’ed part of the meal.

It was good to catch up with family, though. Looks like two weddings in the near future: a cousin and my husband’s brother. (Yay!!)

Back home, we worked more on preparations and fell into bed far later than I’d hoped—which is always the story before a trip. Sleep just goes right out the window with that much stuff to do.

Won’t mention the meltdown I had at the doc’s office on Monday morning, but we left with what was needed. Then we headed home so I could take a nap—oh wait, the cats were due at the vet’s office to board. No sleep for me. 🙂

Raiyna Sunshine


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