Nifty Effects of the Eclipse

Each of these circles is an overlapping image of the sun.

Know how I know?
Because this is what it looked like at the height of our partial eclipse:

Aug 21, 2:55p

Same tree, same sun, big moon.

Here it is 8 mins prior:


And 5 mins later:


Fascinating to see the sun sliver slide around the moon’s shadow (and create new tongue twisters).

For further comparison, here it is almost 40 mins later. There’s still a chunk of the moon’s shadow on the left of the images, but the shadows aren’t as sharp because more visible surface area of the sun = more locations for the light to originate from = reduced spotlight effect.


We weren’t sure at first that we’d get to see any of the show because a thunderstorm let loose about noon (fantastic nature show in and of itself), but it cleared around 1:30. By then, things were already in full swing, and the sun was nearly 30% gone.

As the moon ate up more of the sun, the light started to feel…wrong.

It’s hard to describe; “flat” doesn’t really capture it, but it’s the only word you think of in those moments. And it’s definitely not the same as when clouds cover the sun. I took a couple of pictures, not sure the difference would show up for my auto-focusing, point-n-shoot.

Then I did the side-by-side:

3:02p & 4:00p no filters/alterations

(Though there were clouds at 3, they weren’t near the eclipse.)

So there you have it. More fun with science thanks to the eclipse.