Could This New App Save Lives?

At what point do you know it’s time to ask for help?

Who do you call? What do you say? Especially when it’s 3 AM and everyone else has a job or a life…

You might not make the call to the suicide hotline, but what if the simple push of a button could bring a compassionate text, voice, or even a hug from someone who knows and loves you? Would you do it?

Would it be worth the $2.99/mo?

The new NotOK app hopes to keep users from suffering in silence. It takes the hard work out of that 3AM text (that often gets deleted rather than sent) and makes it simple for those who need help. Not doing ok? Need help physically, emotionally? Simply press the button and your predetermined, trusted contacts are notified (up to 5).

I have no answers on how this compares to other apps in terms of ease of use, or price. It just brings up conflicting emotions in me.

On the one hand, I think it’s great—especially for those with a physical ailment who might need assistance that isn’t worth calling 911 for. But often when depression is overwhelming, sufferers don’t want to bother others with their problems.

(What if you say you aren’t okay, but none of your contacts can help right then? What if you use the crap out of it because you’re having a reeeallly hard time and then someone decides you’re toxic to their well-being?)

Still, it might keep things from spiraling out of control. I wonder how many people who’ve committed suicide might’ve lived had they had a friendly voice a button push away. They might not call or even text, but push a button? Much more likely.

Please, if you or someone you know could use this, don’t hesitate!


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