Decorated Navy Seal Hero Needs Your Help

SOC Eddie Gallagher and his youngest son

After eight tours of duty (six as an elite special forces operator serving on the front lines of combat), his own government would deal the worst blow to Special Operations Chief Eddie Gallagher.

In June of 2018, NCIS kept him in custody while executing a search warrant at his house, waiting until his wife had left for work. They dragged 2 of his kids into their front yard in their underwear and held them at gunpoint–the youngest being about 8 or 9.

These actions are NOT allowed even towards terrorists and their families.

The charges against Chief Gallagher are serious, and they are false. His family needs your help for his defense and their survival.

How you can help:

Regardless of your political affiliations or opinions, these abuses of power should never be tolerated against American citizens, least of all children. Please contact your representatives and let them know about this.

If you wish to donate, the Navy Seals Fund is helping with Chief Eddie and his family.

For news and more, his family maintains the website: Justice for Eddie.

The Navy Times also has several articles as they follow the case.

Eddie’s brother, Sean, in a recent interview (Sat Nov 24, 2018).


All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.


It’s Not Going to be Okay

The take away of most stories is that everything will turn out as it’s meant to in the end, that everything will be fine if you just keep believing.

But real life isn’t fiction, and there comes a point when you realize that no matter how much faith you have, things aren’t going to turn out all right. Things happen that are irrevocable and devastating.

Last night, I witnessed death for the first time. I’ve lost family members before and been in the room when the decision was made to put down at least 6 beautiful pets.

But last night, I watched one breathe her last. And it was hell.

These are images that will never leave my memory; especially because she didn’t deserve any of it.

The saying is that when it rains, it pours. If that’s true, then my husband and I have been in a hurricane for the past 2½ years. And the hits just won’t stop.

We are alone. We have been for a while as people got wrapped up in their own lives and either cut us off or put too much distance between us to recover.

Things aren’t going to be okay. It’s not a question of if, but when.

Because I Apparently Need Coffee to be Happy

Finally got my first Keurig.

But years of not being a coffee drinker are hard to overcome, I guess. 😉


Fidelity’s Game Changer

Investing doesn’t need to be scary.

It can be intimidating, sure. Especially to first-time or small-time investors. Where should I invest? How much? and especially: I’m living paycheck to paycheck. How do you expect me to save up the minimums to even open an account?

Now, Fidelity has answered that last one with, “You don’t have to.”

This opens investing to virtually everyone.

Starting now there are no minimum balances required to open a Fidelity brokerage account.

And on Friday, Aug 3, they will begin offering two index funds with ZERO minimums or fees. That means that, other than taxes, the gains are yours.

This eliminates the $1000-$3000 required by other brokerage firms like Vanguard, and the account fees charged by small investment options like Acorns. (Seriously, that $1/mo fee adds up. Why not pay it to yourself instead?)

So, what are you waiting for? Set up an account and start funneling the $5 or just the small change that you find in the couch cushions into a place where it will earn money for you. Your future self will thank you.

Could This New App Save Lives?

At what point do you know it’s time to ask for help?

Who do you call? What do you say? Especially when it’s 3 AM and everyone else has a job or a life…

You might not make the call to the suicide hotline, but what if the simple push of a button could bring a compassionate text, voice, or even a hug from someone who knows and loves you? Would you do it?

Would it be worth the $2.99/mo?

The new NotOK app hopes to keep users from suffering in silence. It takes the hard work out of that 3AM text (that often gets deleted rather than sent) and makes it simple for those who need help. Not doing ok? Need help physically, emotionally? Simply press the button and your predetermined, trusted contacts are notified (up to 5).

I have no answers on how this compares to other apps in terms of ease of use, or price. It just brings up conflicting emotions in me.

On the one hand, I think it’s great—especially for those with a physical ailment who might need assistance that isn’t worth calling 911 for. But often when depression is overwhelming, sufferers don’t want to bother others with their problems.

(What if you say you aren’t okay, but none of your contacts can help right then? What if you use the crap out of it because you’re having a reeeallly hard time and then someone decides you’re toxic to their well-being?)

Still, it might keep things from spiraling out of control. I wonder how many people who’ve committed suicide might’ve lived had they had a friendly voice a button push away. They might not call or even text, but push a button? Much more likely.

Please, if you or someone you know could use this, don’t hesitate!

Nifty Effects of the Eclipse

Each of these circles is an overlapping image of the sun.

Know how I know?
Because this is what it looked like at the height of our partial eclipse:

Aug 21, 2:55p

Same tree, same sun, big moon.

Here it is 8 mins prior:


And 5 mins later:


Fascinating to see the sun sliver slide around the moon’s shadow (and create new tongue twisters).

For further comparison, here it is almost 40 mins later. There’s still a chunk of the moon’s shadow on the left of the images, but the shadows aren’t as sharp because more visible surface area of the sun = more locations for the light to originate from = reduced spotlight effect.


We weren’t sure at first that we’d get to see any of the show because a thunderstorm let loose about noon (fantastic nature show in and of itself), but it cleared around 1:30. By then, things were already in full swing, and the sun was nearly 30% gone.

As the moon ate up more of the sun, the light started to feel…wrong.

It’s hard to describe; “flat” doesn’t really capture it, but it’s the only word you think of in those moments. And it’s definitely not the same as when clouds cover the sun. I took a couple of pictures, not sure the difference would show up for my auto-focusing, point-n-shoot.

Then I did the side-by-side:

3:02p & 4:00p no filters/alterations

(Though there were clouds at 3, they weren’t near the eclipse.)

So there you have it. More fun with science thanks to the eclipse.