Rollin’ Rollin’

I’m back on Chapter 4 of my novel now, after refixing Chapter 2 to smooth what I’d changed in Chapter 1 during the bootcamp. I smoothed and reworked a bit of Chapter 3, too. Just have to read it all when we’re not so tired, and it’ll be signed off.

But now, the Epcot Food & Wine Festival begins, family is coming to town this weekend, and all the tv shows we watch come back from hiatus. We’ll see how good I get at staying on task while keeping up with Person of Interest, Castle, Amazing Race and Top Chef (when that starts).

In the meantime, enjoy a new paragraph I added to Chapter 1:

     Technically, I wore a costume, too. Like a spy’s tuxedo, my generic blue shorts and shirt concealed the fact that I could leaf through filing cabinets with the flick of a wrist, answer the phone while dealing with a hangnail, and pour coffee to placate the meanest boss. All with a perky smile. After a full day as a mild-mannered office drone, I spent my nights and weekends dispensing justice in the form of counseling treatment plans to addicted delinquents. Fear my super powers, slackers.

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Political Cloud

The restaurant we went to tonight had a TV behind the sushi bar. Almost every time I glanced at the screen, another political ad was on. So cannot wait for this run up to the election to be over.

When we got home, we found politically-related entries on John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton‘s blogs that clearly show the ludicrous nature of our political world.

Scalzi? Against political ads on Youtube? Accused of taping bacon to cats? *Gasp Shock Awe*

Wheaton? Wears crappy sweaters? Thinks Scalzi is wrong, wrong WRONG???

Now that’s a scandal I care about! 😀

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At this moment, this book is the #1 bestseller of all Amazon Kindle ebooks:

Not entirely due to its cover, I think. 🙂

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Happy Birthday!!

To the best brother in the whole world:

Happy Birthday, Patrick!!

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